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Customized, Personalized Songs
Regular MP3
Premium MP3
Memoriam Premium CD      $44.95
Regular CD
Premium CD      $42.50
Additional CD  $10.00
S&H $4.95 up to 4 CD's.  If you wish to
purchase more than 5 additional CD's,
please contact us for cost of shipping
Holiday CD
Holiday Special Discount
Holiday MP3 Special
Generic Greeting Cards
Regular MP3
$ 9.95
Premium MP3
Regular CD
Premium CD
Complete Custom Orders Songs,
Jingles, Ads incl.Copyright and CD
Other Services
$345 - $550
Compose Music and Lead Sheet
Write Lyrics and Lead Sheet
You will be asked to pay $150 for a
deposit.  We will contact you regarding
the total cost after we determine what
work will be involved in your song.  No
shipping & handling nor taxes will be
charged until the song is completed.
Provide Demo With Above
Complete Lead Sheets
$ 50.00
Record Singer of Your Song on CD
$ 75.00
Record musical orchestration  of Your Song on CD
$ 75.00
Record complete demo of Your Song on CD
$ 175.00
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Prearranged Complete Music Package
$ 345.00