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Please note some of our music is streamed in lo fi  only so all listeners can receive them easily.  We are
currently uploading hi fi versions for those who have high speed internet service.  Our final recordings will all
be high quality MP3 (192kbs) or Audio CD's made from original WAV files.
Valentine Songcards and Love Songcards
What is a PREMIUM song?
Anniversary -  Wedding  -   and/or    Love & Valentine's Day
Wedding Day
Love and Valentine's Day
I Know a Place sung by Judy Miller
Lyrics by Ron  Boyte, Music by Tom .Rae
(Supply Name) PREMIUM
Forever This Day sung by  Jerry Allen
Lyrics-Jerry Allan, Music Jerry Allen & Tom Rae
(Supply Name)  PREMIUM
Forever Yours sung by  Karen & Jerry
Lyrics-Karen Davis, Music Jerry Allen
(Supply-Name) PREMIUM
True Love sung by Judy
Lyrics-Judy Miller, Music Robert Thomson
(Supply Name)
On Valentine's Day (from Lady)
sung by Judy Miller
Lyrics-Judy Miller, Music Tom Rae
(Supply Name)
On Valentine's Day (from Man)
sung by Jerry Allen
Lyrics-Judy Miller, Music Tom Rae
(Supply Name)
We Are One sung by Judy  & Gerry
Lyrics-Judy Miller, Music Tom Rae
(Supply Names and No. of years) PREMIUM
Would you like to check out our generic songcards?  They won't have the name of your special
person, but you can put a personal message on the label if you buy a CD.
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Customized, personalized song greetings for all occasions:  weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, bar/bat mitzvah,
Christmas and Hanukkah.  If you don't see it here, call our toll free number and we'll talk about writing a custom
greeting for your specific need.  If we can use the song on our site again, we'll just charge you the rates quoted
on this site. (i.e. $29.95 for mp3 to download}
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Our customized songs are both regular and premium, depending on the length of the song.  Premium
songs will be indicated.  Please be aware if you are ordering a premium song whenyou place your order.
A Memory sung by  Karen & Jerry
Lyrics-Karen Davis, Music Jerry Allen
(Supply-Name) PREMIUM